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What 'Brown' did for me today

picture yourself writing a book

UPS just dropped off a copy of the book!

Under normal circumstances (in which I had two functional arms) I'd gush and carry on a bit more, so maybe my misfortune is good for the rest of you. Just imagine me dancing about with a book in my hand (for added color, add a bright purple cast) babbling inanely...

The book looks marvelous, and I love that it is full-color on every page! It makes the step-by-step images clear and truly useful. In the day of online food sites, it is sweet (and truly rare) to get 400 photos into a cookbook, particularly for 20 bucks! ($13.59 if you order now)

If you click through to the Amazon page. there's a video with the world's cutest costar and you can 'search inside' the book for a hint of what's inside.

Picture Yourself Cooking With Your Kids

In other news, someoneElse ordered a bluetooth headset and the latest version of  Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I should be back to writing by next week...starting with how I broke the arm. But I am warning you, it involves a grassy knoll and three lateral breaks; If I tell you, I have to kil...oops! was that the outLoud voice?

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