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Slugfest 2009: The Herbfarm serves 100 Yard Slugs at 100 Mile Dinner

Photo courtesy Ron Zimmerman                

It all started so innocently.

Ron Zimmerman, the owner of The Herbfarm Restaurant commented on twitter one day that he had been asked to serve slugs by a diner with reservations for the 100 Mile Dinner. We have had days of fun watching as the idea moved from request to talk of preparation to wine pairing. Along the way some of the twittier twits suggested dishes like popcorn slugs, slug pate, and slug jerky (an idea Ron quickly squished due to health concerns). One person came up with an entire slug menu in a single tweet.

The story of the slugs took a dramatic turn the evening before they were to be served when Ron sent this missive:

Argh! Slug shortage! Slugs for guest's "Escargot Experience" tomorrow escaped overnight. Died in salt minefield. Out searching for more

Shortly afterwards, we were reassured that the slug wranglers pastry chefs had captured the elusive slugs. Rumors that the Herbfarm pastry chefs butchertwine lassos circulated but were never confirmed.

The entire thing is chronicled in a search of twitter, which is sadly ephemeral so read it soon. As a more lasting reminder of the event, Ron was generous enough to share a set of photos of the entire process: How To Cook a Slug at The Herbfarm.

While I enjoyed the journey from garden to plate, I don't think I'll be eating slugs any time soon. My excuse is that my native banana slugs are a critical part of the forest ecosystem. By not eating them, I am helping the environment. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

If you are on twitter, you can follow me, as I explore micro-blogging - meaning 140 characters at a time seldom makes my arm hurt. You should also follow Ron, known thereabouts as @herbguy; he is an amazing font of knowledge about darned near everything. I tried to stump him one night with an obscure, non-food question and failed miserably. He also riffs impromptu poetry and as we have learned, at the Herbfarm, anything goes. Who knows what is next after the 100 yard slugs.

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