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Halloween - The Whole Human: Head to Toe Eating

With apologies to Fergus Henderson.

Halloween approaches, bringing a seeming need to cook food that looks decidedly inedible. Web sites that usually have lovely pictures of tempting treats now drip with body parts, some of which drip with other things. Things we may do well not to look at too closely.

A trip around the web netted a body's worth of disgustingly realistic creations ready for the Halloween table. I give you the Whole Human:

Meat head from Emergencyfan2000

Bloody Brain Pannacotta at Not Quite Nigella.

Bloody Brain Shooter at Fine Living.

Eye cupcakes, also from Not Quite Nigella.

Thorax Cake, a perennial favorite from do it myself!

More innards: Heart cake and cupcakes also it myself! (a site that takes realistic to a new level), leg and arm bones from Gross Halloween Recipes (Don't be scared, my inner seven year-old says it's only semi-gross.)

Meat Hand at Not Martha.

Witch Fingers from Recipe Girl

Meat Foot from Jeff Houck's flickrstream

My contribution is a simple adaptation for any of the meat-loaf based dishes. I once stuffed pork chops with a mixture of chopped fresh cranberries, shallots and goat cheese, which was a wonderfully tart and creamy addition to the succulent pork. What I hadn't counted on was the effect of slicing into a chop, and the subsequent clots of cheese oozing over squishy red bits. We may have turned off the lights and eaten by candlelight. Very dim candlelight.

I am not sure I am brave enough to make any of these myself this year, but I am impressed with the creativity of some folks. Not to mention the strong stomachs. Seriously, go poke around do it myself. How about you, would you eat these things? Or would you be in the chicken corner with me?

I'm sure there are more great recipes for human body parts out there. Leave your favorites in the comments.

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