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There is a reason I quit coding...

...and by reason, I mean a thousand - or 1024 - of them.

Reason #27: Because stupid little things like that huge date up there can take an hour to hunt down and even when you have changed every reference to the stupid style sheet it still doesn't work. The truly frustrating part is that I was nowhere near those bits, though maybe the kitten that was on my lap was. You think this innocent baby would do that?

This, of course, on the day I moved around A Year in Bread's DNS and confused the heck out of the sidebars (What do you mean there are images that no longer exist? I thought the Internet was forever!)

This is my kick in the butt to wrap up the redesign. Just as soon as I get this other thing finishes. This thing that is supposed to be real next Monday.

Curious about the other thing? Click on over to twitter and follow @notLikeNormal, which is short for Not Like Normal People, a line that was dropped on someoneElse and me by an oh-so precocious (and precious) nine year-old. Wise beyond her years, that one.

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