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Wordless Wednesday: Aprons That Make Me Smile


This apron remind me of my grandmother, Mimi, who favored aprons with a bit of panache, her own mix of cheek and frills. As a child, this meant fun dressup worthy aprons when I went to her house to cook, which I did quite often, She would also have loved this black hostess number. Because, seriously, black hostess aprons . How Mad Men is that?

Check out all of tarazara's Vintage Inspired Aprons on etsy.

Dear FTC: re: blogger disclosure  ~  Tara is a friend of mine, but nothing of value has changed hands in relationship to this post. She has, however, given me many things of value over the years: advice, well-placed humor, support, an occasional virtual smack upside the head, and mostly friendship...but since it has pretty much all taken place online, I assume the NSA already knows all about that.

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