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The Saddest Swag: DIY BlogHer Food '10 Pity Party Swag Bags


One of the high points of food writing conferences is the swag. Oh sure, they may say they are there for the educational sessions but you know what they are really after: cookbooks nd gadgets and treats, oh my!

Well, we food writers are nothing if not resourceful and creative so why not make your own darned swag bag? After all, you can give yourself gifts; you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like You!

So, DIY swag bag it is. I can do that.

But wait! What's that you say? If you make it yourself, there are no surprises. Pitiful! The reveal is half the fun. This DIY thing without surprises - truly piteous.

Well, fear not brave BHF10PPers, I even have that part covered. But not yet. Tomorrow.

First, you need to make your BlogHer Food '10 Pity Party swag bag.

Making your swag bag

This bag is a simple version of a BHF10PP swag bag using a brown paper grocery bag. If you plan on attending BHFPP in the future you may wish to make a more permanent swag bag using a cloth bag, basket, or similar container. No, on second thought, use a grocery bag. Preferably a stained one with a torn handle.
  1. Print out the official BHF10PP swag bag logo.
  2. Grab your bag and a drink. Spill some on the bag.
  3. Gather your crafty decorating stuff. Markers, frayed ribbons,stickers from the kid's last trip to the dentist. The sadder the better.
  4. Pour another drink. Drip some on your writing, smearing it around a little bit.
  5. Decorate like crazy, pausing for drinks regularly.
  6. Post a picture on your site, come back and leave a link.

I'd show you mine but you know what? I am so pathetic that I have not made it yet. So. Pathetic.

Tomorrow: The swag (and my bag)

Do you create virtual stuff? I am putting together a set of virtual swag (if you can put it on a server, it can be part of the swag) and if you want to contribute, I'd love it. Drop me mail and let me know what you have.

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