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New Twitter Fixes: Remove Who to Follow and More!

UPDATE (October 30th)

Some people are reporting that the AdBlock Plus fixes aren't working for them any more. It seems to be people using Firefox 4.0b6, which appears to have known compatibility issues with ABP - the joys of using a beta 0 and I'm currently looking for a workaround. If you're a geek with this configuration and want to help, let me know.

UPDATE (October 29th)

Twitter has renamed the WTF (Who To Follow) DIV again so you need to update your CSS/AdBlock filters.

  • CSS - add .user-rec-component to your CSS file
  • Adblock - Add a filter for

Also, the Who to Follow that pops up on someone else's page, after you follow them:

  • CSS - add .user-rec-dropdown.profile-action to your CSS file
  • Adblock - Add a filter for

If I have missed any bits, or if they change something, let me know and I'll get the updates here. I am going to reorganize this mess soon and break it up into individual bits for each browser so it's easier for the non-geeks to follow (sorry, the word makes me cringe a bit now). Soon.

   ~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~       ~

The silly lovely people at twitter finally let me have #newtwitter (that is the new twitter web interface for those of you who think twitter is silly) and it is...different. (Look at me, being all diplomatic and stuff!) Feature rich, in the best "It must be a feature, it is certainly not a benefit." sense. Screen hog, promoted trends, blah, blah.

Yeah, whatever. We know what to do with that noise, don't we?

Newtwitter-sidebar This time there are quite a few things to deal with. I have included filters/CSS to block each of these things individually and all of the names are obvious so you can pick and choose how to customize your twitter interface. Too bad they didn't let us do it easily.

Starting at the top of the image, latest following, followers, favorites and listed are up in the top block.

There are promoted trends and I included the trends in general if you don't want to see those.

Below that is our old friend "who to follow" and look, they named the DIV WTF. Ha!

Then there's another promoted thing, Twitter for Blackberry in this case. (Isn't that definition thing cute? Makes it almost look line it's not an ad. Almost.

If you remove some individual pieces of the sidebar, you may notice the little horizontal line that separates sections. It's called a "component-spacer" (so you can find it amongst the tags below).

For the brute force folks, there is also a way to kill all of the Dashboard content at once. The background color remains, but it's more restful.

Same with the top navigation bar thing. If you want to kill it, include the filter/CSS for that bit.

Filters/CSS are listed in same top-to-bottom order for your convenience.

If I have missed bits that need to die to make you happy, please let me know in comments. I found one tag in my notes that I can't find anywhere on the site so I wouldn't be surprised if something got lost. 

#newtwitter AdBlock Filters

Here are the filters for you AdBlocking kids:*.trend-item.promoted-trend

Brute Force: Make it all go away

Top Navigation bar

Fix #newtwitter Using CSS

If you are using a stylesheet, open it up add the lines that block the bits you want to hide to it. Make sure you keep it together and include the bracketed stuff at the end.






.wtf-inner is now .wtf-inner.clearfix


.component-spacer {



The brute force hacks. Paste these into the list if you want to block either the navigation bar or the entire dashboard sidebar:



If you need the long version of the instructions, go here: Twitter Hovercards Die.die.die

As I said above, I probably missed things. Tell me what and I'll add it.

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