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Sandra Lee's Kwaanza Cake - the Rest of the Story

If you hate love love to hate Aunt Sandy, you know this cake.

An abomination made with all sorts of semi-edible crap, with bonus cornnuts, this cake is the epitome of all that is wrong with celebrity food media today. Tone-deaf, ugly, disgusting and just a bit of cultural offensiveness thrown in for good measure...that's the Kwanzaa Cake.

Here's what you don't know...

Denise Vivaldo, the woman who developed that recipe has confessed!

"One night in my office, at least 10 years ago, my phone rang. I answered it. If only I had noticed that my dogs started to howl and blood mysteriously started seeping from the walls. Alas, I did not." 

from The Making of the Infamous Kwanzaa Cake

I can only imagine that she feels somewhat more at peace with herself now. One can only hope this has given her some peace of mind.

Denise, you are a braver and more honest woman than I. Had it been me, I would have taken the secret to my grave.

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