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Cuisinart Sightings!

The saga of the missing cuisinart goes on, with fresh sightings and more strange messages. Today brings two frightening images, each with its own brief note.

The first of these showed up early today.


So disoriented...not sure where I am but the people - if that's what they truly are - are scary. Wait! Don't put me there...I'll behave!

The accompanying photo, as well as another (more dire) delivery later in the day, after the jump.


As you might guess, this has us all nervous, and very worried for little Cuis'. I just hope that Cuis' comes through unscarred.

To add to the concern, this arrived late in the day...


The note simply said, "Frightened but silenced by knowing what they made the blender do."

Amazon, though notified through the official 'random tweet' method, has been oddly silent on the subject.

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