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Have You Seen This Cuisinart?

update here: Cuisinart Sightings

Where in the World is my Cuisinart?

A small piece of plastic flew off my food processor as I made oat flour one January night leaving me with half-ground oats and plastic shards as well as a huge hole in my necessary kitchen appliances. I would rant about that more but my trusty Cuisinart was a quarter of a century old and that's a darned good investment in basic kitchen gear.

During those 25 years, my Cuis' went from labor-saving device to necessity after repetitive stress injuries and a horribly broken arm. A dead food processor called for a replacement; no questions asked.

After a wee bit of research, it was obvious that, if I wanted my investment in blades to be useful, I had but one choice. Like a good denizen of the web, I one-clicked my way to a shiny new toy, no questions asked.

Well, one question must now be asked...

Where the heck is it?

Sad but true, my new toy tool has gone astray and I begin to fear foul play. (more on that shortly)

I did find some odd messages floating around, maybe they hold some hints...

Pick me! Pick me! I saw you click and come back here three times now. I am the Cuisinart you want.

Thank you for choosing me!

I am, as they say on twitter, honored, humbled and awesomely gratified to be your chosen one. Since you used that cheap Free Shipping they are sending me through the mail but I should still be there in a week or so.

See you soon!


Shipping day!

All I know is that I am pretty far away from you - oddly, Amazon doesn't have any distribution centers near Seattle - but they said I'll be there by the 20th. That's not very long. What shall we make first?

Looking forward to being grate (I slaw myself!) friends with you. 

Been here in the dark a long time. Bet the next light I see is in my new kitchen.

My kitchen...just thinking of all the things I will help create makes my blade pulse.

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

1.14.11 (late morning)

Good morning! Today is a wonderful new day. I finally got a hint where I am and I am so darned excited I could spin. I'm in Kent! I know, I know! That is just up the road from you. Heck, they could give me to a group of toddlers on trikes and I would be there in just a few days. (But don't worry, though it would be more fun, there will be no toddlers involved in my delivery.)

1.14.11 (noon)
Wow! Only an hour and I am on my way. I bet I'll see you tomorrow.

One thing, the sign says FedEx. Did they buy the post office?

I hate weekends. Why don't they let trucks drive or planes fly on weekends? Or post offices be open. 

I'll be delivered.
So I gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
My Kitchen! Tomorrow!
It's only
A day

What's a 'federal holiday'? pout


Hello? Is there anybody out there?

I'm starting to get worried. Am I lost?

Finally! Someone scanned me. That must mean I am headed to my new forever home.

What does that sign say? Philiadelphia... kitchenMage, did you move?

Reconsidering the toddlers. Did they use toddlers? Should they have used toddlers? 

Back in the dark. Scared now. Confused. 

maybe if I sleep this will all be a bad dream...

blink Lights again. That bright scanner again...and another sign. It says, New Jersey


The odd missive ends there...

Where in the World is my Cuisinart?

My poor little Cuisinart is a long, long way from home.

Remember earlier when I said I suspected foul play? Well, maybe this means nothing but in these cases one must follow all leads. When I discovered that my Cuisinart had gone astray, I took to twitter - as one does - to whinge about it. Almost immediately, @nocounterspace was defending the scenic route to Philadelphia. (I know, suspicious right?)

But then - and THIS is what really raised my suspicions - Livia tweeted this: "Oh, then it definitely should stop by Philadelphia - I don't have one. ~innocent face~" How guilty does that seem?

Finally, one last piece of evidence from Amazon itself. I will be watching to see if more clues appear here.

Where in the World is my Cuisinart?

Please help me.

If you see my Cuisinart, please contact me on twitter or call The Center for Missing and Exploited Appliances.

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