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January 2011

January 28, 2011

Cuisinart Sightings!

The saga of the missing cuisinart goes on, with fresh sightings and more strange messages. Today brings two frightening images, each with its own brief note.

The first of these showed up early today.


So disoriented...not sure where I am but the people - if that's what they truly are - are scary. Wait! Don't put me there...I'll behave!

The accompanying photo, as well as another (more dire) delivery later in the day, after the jump.

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January 27, 2011

Have You Seen This Cuisinart?

update here: Cuisinart Sightings

Where in the World is my Cuisinart?

A small piece of plastic flew off my food processor as I made oat flour one January night leaving me with half-ground oats and plastic shards as well as a huge hole in my necessary kitchen appliances. I would rant about that more but my trusty Cuisinart was a quarter of a century old and that's a darned good investment in basic kitchen gear.

During those 25 years, my Cuis' went from labor-saving device to necessity after repetitive stress injuries and a horribly broken arm. A dead food processor called for a replacement; no questions asked.

After a wee bit of research, it was obvious that, if I wanted my investment in blades to be useful, I had but one choice. Like a good denizen of the web, I one-clicked my way to a shiny new toy, no questions asked.

Well, one question must now be asked...

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January 10, 2011

Small Batch Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls

Happy Thanksgiving!

While you are baking, these Rosemary Fans are a staple at my Thanksgiving table. If you need something a bit quicker to put together, try these simple, flaky biscuits. While the dough is rising, get yourself in the holiday spirit with A Christmas Miracle, a dizzyingly tall tale very true story (I swear) of heroism and Cheerios.


Were I to guess at such things, I'd bet that "How many calories are in one of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls?" is an awfully common question in some people's mind. The rolls are very popular and look seriously decadent with that generous helping of gooey icing on top of the fluffy rolls.

CrThe answer is, perhaps not as many as you think. 

Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls recipe, however, makes a HUGE batch of cinnamon rolls. I mean, sure if you live on a ranch and have to feed hungry cowhands (which are neither cows nor hands, discuss), make them for holiday gifts, or you have a big freezer you can stuff full of them you might be able to cope with 40-50 cinnamon rolls, but what about apartment dwellers or people with an itsy-bitsy little freezer? Like a large percentage of the people I know.

Well, how about a small batch recipe?

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January 04, 2011

DIY Kitchen Organization with Shoe Shelves


One of my 2011 goals is finishing up the organizational sweep of the house that started last year. (Last decade? Hmmm. There was that whole 2000 v 2001 debate, can we do that every ten years? Watching the brain melt was fun...) I thought about being less tangential as a goal for 2011 but who the hell am I kidding here? It it wasn't for tangents, I'd have no 'gents at all.

Anyway... Do you need more space for dishes? Don't we all? Well, I have two words for you: shoe racks. These babies hold an amazing array of stuff, even most of my faux Le Crueset. Inexpensive and stackable, you can find a shelf style that matches your decor, just make sure they have FLAT shelves, not the slanty ones.

I have more of these in the studio for the scads of dishes and photo props that accumulate while I sleep. Actually, I have different ones in here now, and have a total of 16 of them in the house. Yes, you read that right: sixteen. I need more. (Dear Costco, please keep the cute bamboo shelves in stock for another week.)

What's that I hear? "But kitchenMage, what about small stuff? Can you help with that?"

Why yes, yes I can...

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