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DIY Kitchen Organization with Shoe Shelves


One of my 2011 goals is finishing up the organizational sweep of the house that started last year. (Last decade? Hmmm. There was that whole 2000 v 2001 debate, can we do that every ten years? Watching the brain melt was fun...) I thought about being less tangential as a goal for 2011 but who the hell am I kidding here? It it wasn't for tangents, I'd have no 'gents at all.

Anyway... Do you need more space for dishes? Don't we all? Well, I have two words for you: shoe racks. These babies hold an amazing array of stuff, even most of my faux Le Crueset. Inexpensive and stackable, you can find a shelf style that matches your decor, just make sure they have FLAT shelves, not the slanty ones.

I have more of these in the studio for the scads of dishes and photo props that accumulate while I sleep. Actually, I have different ones in here now, and have a total of 16 of them in the house. Yes, you read that right: sixteen. I need more. (Dear Costco, please keep the cute bamboo shelves in stock for another week.)

What's that I hear? "But kitchenMage, what about small stuff? Can you help with that?"

Why yes, yes I can...

01.07.10 kitchen shelves

A view from my chopping block. That little shelf was far too small to be useful in most places but it was exactly the depth of my cabinets and it holds a TON of pinch bowls. The chopping block, amazingly, is where I generate a TON of pinch bowl contents. A shelf marriage made in, Sur La Table!

Best kitchen shelves ever!

These little shelves are my favorite DIY kitchen project at the moment. It's hard to tell from this photo but this is tucked under a cabinet. There is one under every cabinet, each with a slightly different height depending on what lives on the shelf and counter below it. The one over the baking area has measuring things, another holds the scale and food processor stuff, another has all the tea and coffee detritius and so on.

We made them out of leftover bits of flooring, so they even match the floor and look all upscale and classy. (If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to do a DIY post on these. They were pretty simple to make and install.)

How are you organizing your kitchen this year? What tips can you share to make it easier for those of us with work still to do.

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