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June 2011

June 01, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Corn and the White House Garden


It's been a sadly drizzly spring here and I'm dreaming of summer. Lare summer. Corn and tomatoes and barbeques by the pond.                    sigh

A wee bit closer to reality, here's a thing to make you think. If the White House garden was planted in crops at the same percentages as taxpayers subsidize them, the single largest crop would be corn, at about 35%. Add in wheat (20%), soy (15%), and cotton (20%) and 90% of the garden is planted. Beyond that, less than 1% is in the sort of stuff most people plant in their gardens: lettuce, peppers, squash, and the thousand other bits of dinner that tastes best fresh from the garden.

This is all a bit esoteric to hold in your head so Kitchen Gardeners International made this sweet little graphic of "America's Subsidy Garden" that shows you what it would look like.

If the weather ever clears up, the first thing I am planting is tomatoes. Little tiny pop in my mouth heirloom tomatoes. The kind we eat like candy in August.

What's in your garden? Your dreams?

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