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March 2012

March 28, 2012

Gideon's Kitchen ~ Key & Peele

This captures the emotional manipulation of cooking shows just about perfectly.

from Key & Peele

March 21, 2012

Photo Geotagging: Stop Giving Out Your Home Address on Twitter

Welcome BlogHer readers!

How exciting to be on the front page of one of the top 100 US web sites. Congratulations on the recognition of your growth, BlogHer! I remember when you were a tiny fledgling how you've grown.

If you are new to kitchenMage, thanks for clicking by. Perhaps you would be interested in a sampling of my most popular recipes: Simple, flaky biscuit recipe (1k+ Pinterest Pins and often #1 on Google!), Small Batch Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls, No-cook ice cream recipe (yes, with eggs. I also rant occasionally: Dear PETA, women are animals too... and I am sort of chuffed that I got into Wikipedia for a bit of humor Cooks Source Statement: Slightly Corrected.

Um, see that ad on the top of the sidebars? I wrote a cookbook Picture Yourself Cooking With Your Kidsstep-by-step photos of recipes using real food, a Cook's Primer that includes lots of food for thought, and loads of tips on getting your kids into the kitchen with you. (Enough self-promotion, on with the post...)

Updated 3.22.2012 Sometime in the last twenty-four hours, between when this was posted and this morning, the Instagram maps I discuss have disappeared. Instagram is oddly quiet, too. I have inquiries out and will update you when I know something but in the meantime I am feeling all internet powerful and stuff...

Walt statue
photo courtesy Darren Wittko

 “Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” Walt Disney

Walt died in 1966, years before the guys who invented Twitter were born, yet one look at a twitter stream will show you that Walt's words are still true today.

Twitter handles a staggering 22.5 million photos a day, according to twitter founder Ev Stone, about 25% of the 90 million total daily tweets. Media Bistro cites over 58 million photos were shared on Twitter in December 2011.

I know that those two statistics don't exactly add up but to be honest, statistics about twitter vary widely enough to make me doubt the specifics of all of them. My guess is that if I bothered to dig, Ev's numbers would reflect retweets while the second number counts photos, not tweets. In any case, the numbers are huge and that's somewhat beside the point.

Which is: What exactly are you sharing with the world when you tweet a photo?

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March 16, 2012

Vegetables: A song (chomp chomp)

Just the other day I was thinking, there are not enough songs about food, especially healthy food. The next evening, over a cup of tea, the Keepers of one of my favorite Happy Places said "You have to hear our latest song!"

Ask and you shall receive...

Vegetables (Beach Boys) presented here by Sunrise and Jessica Fletcher. Perhaps the only song with vegetables being eaten as percussive instrument—Paul McCartney sat in on celery on the cool is that?

Apologies in advance for the earworm but it is worth it.

March 13, 2012

Wordless Tuesday: Neighbor's Cat is Unamused by the Weather


Some people claim that it is spring where they are but here on the Washington-Oregon cusp it is anything but. This started yesterday and has continued at a slow but steady pace with the only real variation being in the quality of the flakes: dry icy pellets give way to floaty shreds larger than corn flakes which becomes small, driving sheets of snow, like the rain that marches up the valley. The rhodies and daffodils, just flowering, are not looking very happy, but the predicted 80 MPH winds, fortunately for us, went elsewhere.

How's your spring shaping up?

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