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DIY Pizza Party at The Happy Place


The Thump-thump-giggle-gigglers stopped by for the day recently and when I mentioned that dinner was "DIY Pizza" there was (literally) dancing in the seats. I guess that means your very own, very special, just for you and nobody else pizza with EXACTLY what you want and plenty of it is a hit with kids of all ages.

Go figure.

Pizza dough and sauce were both made the day before and kept in the refrigerator overnight. Meat that needed precooking, like sausage, was also prepared ahead of time.

This time around, one of the kids was drafted to wash the vegetables and then they all sat around the table and cut them. This got competitive which made all that slicing and chopping go by pretty darned fast.

For each pizza, cut a piece of parchment paper. Roll and stretch the piece of dough into the desire size/thickness. Each person prepped their own crust, allowing for variations in thickness. Then the fun begins... (bunch of photos after the jump)

You could make a chicken.


...or a Cthulhu


A funny face...


...or a funnier one.


Visual puns can be pleasing as pie...latticed pie, of course.


For those of you who have been here a while, an homage to my ring.


Finally, you have to go to this lnk to see the one cheeky pizza that can't show its face here. (I promised BlogHer and Land 'o Lakes — who sponsored that ad up at the top of this post — that I would keep it clean.)

While the pizza was cooking, people assembled salads from fresh romaine, a few fresh vegetables and leftover pizza toppings. So efficient. (Leftover fixin's went into omelettes the next day.)

The only dish I had to put real effort into was homemade cheesecake, also made the day before. This resulted in one of the most relaxed days with company in a while for me. It was almost lazy. I really have to work up more party plans that work like this.


  • Photos — courtesy Kat, the maker of the chicken pizza. (I'll fix the actual image copyrights soon.)
  • Ad at top of post — Land 'o Lakes via BlogHer 
  • Endless slicing and dicing so I could sit and talk — everyone at the party
  • Cupcakes in edge of funnier face — Crave Bake Shop (GF treats Kat splurged on)

What are your favorite pizza toppings when you can have exactly what your most private and innermost heart desires on a pizza of your very own that you don't have to share with anyone?

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