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April 21, 2005

(tap, tap, tap) Is this thing live?

Can I write this, the first, entry in my food blog later? Pretty please with cinnamon-infused whipped cream and long, fragrant curls of lemon zest on top. It's not just that I hate writing about myself--which I do--but I always write the first part of my writing last; Forewords, Introductions, first chapters, they all get put off until the end. It's so much easier to talk about where you're going when you already know where you've been.

Given that, you can only imagine how pleased by the prospect of both writing about who I am and introducing the blog...because the world needs another food blog. Don't get me wrong, I love all the food blogs. Love them far too many hours a day in fact. chuckle. But how to distinguish oneself from Sam,  Molly, Biggles, Nic, or Heidi? Or the even more ubiquitous food bloggers, whom I won't mention because everyone else does.

I must have something to do in the kitchen. I have strawberries and chocolate; I am sure I could come up with something to do instead of writing the stupid first post. Maybe it'll write itself while I melt chocolate and dip strawberries.

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