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March 13, 2012

Wordless Tuesday: Neighbor's Cat is Unamused by the Weather


Some people claim that it is spring where they are but here on the Washington-Oregon cusp it is anything but. This started yesterday and has continued at a slow but steady pace with the only real variation being in the quality of the flakes: dry icy pellets give way to floaty shreds larger than corn flakes which becomes small, driving sheets of snow, like the rain that marches up the valley. The rhodies and daffodils, just flowering, are not looking very happy, but the predicted 80 MPH winds, fortunately for us, went elsewhere.

How's your spring shaping up?

July 31, 2010

A snuggle of kittens

snuggle kittens

I know a few people who have been having a tough week. These kittens, even if they were people, would not be among them.Since it is sort of tough to give my log-distance friends a hug over the Internet, I'm going for the next best thing: desktop pictures that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy!

Right-click and save the 1440x900 desktop image ,

July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: New Furlings

Hissy Face

We call this one Hissy-face because he does this totally adorable fierce hiss-in-your-face. We are only glad he does not know we are mocking him when we say he's terribly fewocious! There will be better photos as soon as they emerge from the roasting pan. Seriously, a roasting pan; Like they don't now we have to fatten them up first.

October 20, 2007

wcb: the warmest spot in the house

snoozin 'ssouri

I'd write something pithy about the state of new houses and all that, but I have boxes to unpack. Let's just say that, of all of us, the cats seem to be taking the move the best. Here, Mr 'ssouri Bowtie-face demonstrates that if there is a blanket and a heater vent, they are his. River is out of frame, and half off the blanket, but I am sure she would just write it off to being a long suffering mom.

September 29, 2007

wcb: the bowtie throne

the bowtie throne

In a pose that is, I imagine, somewhat like the Princess and the Pea, 'ssouri Bowtie-face sits atop what was a momentary "get this out of my way" stack: detritus from my desk topped by the box that Dell shipped with replacement parts for my computer. (but why did they ship me a motherboard instead of a power supply? and why, oh why, did the dweeb I called to have it corrected refuse to replace it, choosing instead to argue with me about it? not a good move to make on someone who writes about technology...)

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August 25, 2007

wcb: in which i abuse farmgirl's virtual cat

''ssouri wants in!

Farmgirl's virtual cat is a whack job!

When he wants in, he stands at the sliding glass door until he gets our attention and then goes into frantic I am going to claw my way through the door mode. While it is seldom successful on glass, the screen door now sports a cat-sized hole he can step through.


Weekend cat blogging is our excuse for bringing the cute to the tubes of the 'net. Belly Timber is hosting WCB this week where, in true theatrical form, WCB: Prologue is posted. Who knew that even WCB was a three act play? If that's not enough cuteness for you, check out Friday Ark, and the Bad Kitty Chaos Festival.

There's one more picture hiding after the jump - my front page is getting photo heavy so I am forcing myself to use extended posts.

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August 05, 2007

wcb: every farmer's market needs a cat!

ginger tabby

The lovely ginger girl here is one of the farm cats at the Stockhouse's Farms on Puget Island, where the weekly Two Island Farms Market convenes. This kitty was taking a break from the arduous life of a farm cat on the island-all that mouse hunting, grass frolicking, barn prowling, not to mention the exhausting face skritching by market customers is tiring, you know.

I really like this market and am, in fact, in the middle of a post about it. For now, let me just say that they have one thing I especially like: live acoustic guitar music provided by members of the Wahkiakum Acoustic Guitar Society (WAGS). Make what you will of the acronym-FSM knows we do!

musical sphinx cat

This is clearly a cats with preternatural powers. someoneElse got up from playing guitar for just a moment and *poof* there was a cat in the special musician's chair. This might, in fact, be a service that is provided for musicians: the sphinx guard cat. She looks like she's almost asleep but look at those little flexiPaws. I wouldn't want to mess with her...or the guitar.

Weekend Cat Blogging is being hosted this week by Ms G at Masak-Masak. Don't forget to visit all of the adorable furlings!

(eta: um, sorry about the reposts on the RSS feed, my computer is being a glitchy pain at the moment)

May 27, 2007

wcb: Farmgirl's virtualCat is just beau'ful!

orca (cat) in the grass

I am fortunate to have a valiant protector in Mr Bowtie 'ssouri, who is also Farmgirl's virtualCat - which is fortunate for her because he is one MOUTHY thing. She says it's because he's hungry, while someoneElse says it's because he is ready to be marinated in lemon and pepper for dinner. 'ssouri says nothing - which is a rare thing indeed. Today he spent some time out in the sun with me, protecting me from the wily grass. Do you think if I fed him herbs instead he'd taste better?

Weekend Cat Blogging is at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats this week - click here to bring on the cute.

February 16, 2007

wcb: cats too lazy to find a host

Clare and Kiri from eat stuff organize weekend cat blogging to provide us with an excuse to bring on the cute...and we're all happy to oblige... Clare's been MIA for a bit so the WCB home has been floating around, this week nobody seems to have claimed it so I am... leave links here...   ...the only link i have seen so far is at Kitikata-san's place... so feel free to drop your links here or there and we'll figure something out...

Almost fell off!

This is what today has been like around here. Sort of lazy and sleepy. Trubble can only be bothered to awaken when it appears that she might fall off her chair. That would be Trubble, she who we call 'the special baby' because she's just a bit spoiled. Has to do with being smaller. At least that's my excuse.

Dargo snoozin'

Pulling back just a bit, Dargo has his own darned chair because he's big...or maybe just his hair is big. And look there in the background, Trubble seems to be settling back in...

the picture of contentment

Look! It's slinky cat! Doesn't she look innocent?

Trubble and her special pillow

Mr. 'ssouri Bowtie (aka Farmgirl's virtualCat) is the best big brother ever. Or at least the most tolerant. They slept like this for at least two hours.

Schedule for next few weeks of WCB

January 28, 2007

wcb: a handful of trubble

Clare and Kiri from eat stuff organize weekend cat blogging to provide us with an excuse to bring on the cute...and we're all happy to oblige... Clare's been MIA for a bit so the WCb home has been floating around, this week Kate in the Kitchen has turned over the reins to a rather adorable black and white tuxedo orca kitty who is hosting this week's weekend cat blogging cute.

sleeping trubble kitten

Cleaning out the dozens of gigabytes of photos cluttering up my hard disk can be tedious as watching bread rise, but it does have its upsides. Like this.

Trubble at five weeks; Just the right size to hold in your hands. Is that not adorable?

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